Hyper Personalization in Automotive Sales

How car manufacturers use hyper personalization to delight customers and drive sales

3 min readJul 19, 2022

Relevant information is becoming increasingly rare and customers are quickly becoming bored. Through the Internet, customers find themselves in a world flooded with offers, products and services. The increasing number of options leads to customers being quickly distracted.

Website users decide within seconds whether they like its contents or offers. If customers perceive them to be irrelevant, they will leave your website or online store right away.

A solution for this challenge is Hyper Personalization. It describes a set of technologies and methods that allow websites to be tailored to individual users and thus to create a relevant experience for each customer.

What is Hyper Personalization?

Hyper Personalization describes the targeted use of customer and user information to tailor content and product offerings to the individual user and thus create a relevant user experience.

Hyper Personalization Pipeline by horyzn.io
Hyper Personalization Pipeline by horyzn.io

Hyper Personalization describes a data-driven approach that utilizes customer data to create segments. For each customer segment, individual content and offers are provided. The user interaction with the personalized elements is used to improve future personalization measures.

Customers expect personalized experiences by default

According to studies, 80% of customers are more willing to buy from a brand that offers personalized experiences.

92% of online shoppers are influenced by in-cart recommendations before making a purchase.

Additionally, 74% of customers are disappointed if brand content on websites does not meet their personal preferences.

63% abandon the brand’s online store when there is insufficient or no personalization.

The Business Case for Automotive OEMs

Hyper Personalization can increase conversion rates on a website or online store. This means that more leads are generated and more cars and services are sold with the same traffic.

Hyper Personalization Business Case
Hyper Personalization Business Case

The level of maturity in applying hyper personalization can be divided into 3 stages. With each stage, the personalization is tailored more precisely to the individual user.

Personalization Maturity Curve
Personalization Maturity Curve

Want to learn more about Hyper Personalization use cases in automotive sales?

Our latest whitepaper examines this technology in the context of automotive sales: Learn about the opportunities and how carmakers are using Hyper Personalization on their websites & online shops.

  • What is Hyper Personalization?
  • How can it improve the customer experience and increase sales?
  • Best practices from Netflix, Spotify and Zalando
  • How do carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and VW use Hyper Personalization?
  • How can brands use and optimize Hyper Personalization on their websites and online shops?

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